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VRIKKE/A Northern Story

Značka Vrikke (nově A Northern Story) si zakládá na staré norské tradici pletení svetrů a využívání originálních vzorů. Všechny výrobky z vlny nebo merino vlny se vyrábějí v nejlepší kvalitě z nejlepších materiálů.

VRIKKE/A Northern Story


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Vrikke IRIS Leggins, 100% merino wool

Women's 100% merino wool leggings suitable as a complement to VITA's hooded KITA hats. An elegant part of a modern woman's clothing for every occasion in blue with white and patterns and motifs. NOVELTY!
Kč 2,650
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size: XS (34-36) S (36-38) M (38-40) L (40-42) XL (42-44)

Women's skirt Vrikke MINA with Norwegian pattern, 100%...

Women's knitted skirt of fine merino wool with a Norse pattern from the Setesdal valley with the famous motif of the Selbu rose, which reminds you of a snowflake to protect from evil spirits. Suitable accessory for sweater or set for gloves, cap or neckline.
Kč 2,999
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size: S (36-38) M (38-40) L (40-42) XL (42-44) XXL (46-48)

Vrikke THERESIA Ladies sweater with reindeer and hood,...

Women's sweater with hood 100% merino wool with reindeer motifs and other animals. The elegant THERESIA sweater is single layer, knit in white with black patterns and motifs. In addition to the reindeer, you can also find dogs, cats and birds. Sleeveless pattern on the sleeves and back. You can also wear the sweater as black with white motifs. Button...
Kč 5,699
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size: XS (34-36) S (36-38) M (38-40) L (40-42) XL (42-44)

Vrikke LOEN men's sweater jacket, 100% merino wool

Light and warm full-length men's sweater from 100% merino wool from Vrikke / A Northern Story. The most famous Norwegian pattern from the Setesdal valley on the chest and sleeves. Red line on chest. Sweater can be unzipped from the bottom and has a two-way zipper.
Kč 6,290
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size: M (50) L (52) XL (54) XXL (56)

Vrikke SETESDAL wristwarmers, 100% merino wool

Wicker knitted wristbands with Vrikke waffle pattern in three color designs. Material: 100% merino wool. They are warm and are elegant accessories not only for the BRIKSDAL poncho, but also for the set with cap and neckline. NEW!
Kč 890
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