Nordic languages
Nordic languages
Learn one of the Nordic languages quickly and reliably. They are not difficult, just buy one of the quality textbooks. We also import original Norwegian textbooks for foreigners in Norway.

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  • Norwegian
    Snakker du Norsk? Only in our country you can get quality and proven language textbooks directly from Norway! But also verified Czech textbooks and dictionaries.
  • Swedish
    Talar du svenska? Certified Czech textbooks and dictionaries help with the start of Swedish teaching.
  • Danish
    Snakker du Dansk? Certified Czech language aids for teaching Danish.
  • Finnish
    Puhutko suomea? Certified Czech language aids for teaching Finnish.
  • Icelandic
    Vi? tala íslendsk?

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  • Pa Vei 2012 - učebnice
    A unique Norwegian textbook published in Norway for the needs of foreigners. 248 pages, A4 size, soft binding. Only Norwegian in bokmal language form. For beginners, level A1-B1.
    1 272 Kč
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  • Norština (nejen) pro samouky + klíč + 2CD
    Unique Norse textbook with detailed key and 2 audio CDs! 408 + 136 pages, A5 format. The Norwegian Basic Textbook is intended for those who want to learn Norwegian (bokmal) mainly by self-study, but they will also be good for jazz. courses.
    590 Kč
    zašleme do 24 hodin
  • Stein pa stein 2014 - učebnice
    Advanced textbook, level B1. New, updated release. Suitable for more advanced Norwegian. Contains dialogues, explanatory texts, spoken and written exercises, grammar and vocabulary, newspaper articles, and literary texts. You will find suitable...
    1 317 Kč
    zašleme do 24 hodin

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Nordic languages

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