Double layer
Double layer
Basic and middle layer in one piece of clothing for ladies. The combination of mesh and full layer is still admirable of new and new customers. Invaluable on the slopes, priceless for your expedition to the mountains, mushrooming in the forest, hunting and fishing. Warms up even on cooler evenings.

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  • BRYNJE Lady Arctic Double Zip-polo
    Genius mesh netting as a base layer and merino tricks for ladies. The two-layered functional lace-cut turtleneck will make you feel warm and dry in any activity and relaxation. No more frosting, no layering of any other clothes. True thermal...
    3 463 Kč
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  • BRYNJE Lady Arctic Double Jacket w/hood, violet
    A nice jacket with a genial mesh connection as a base layer and merino layer. The two-layer functional high heel and hooded sweatshirt will give you a feeling of warmth and dryness in any activity and rest. No more frosting, no layering of any...
    5 290 Kč
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Double layer

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