Welcome to a world of Nordic elegance and functionality. Choose warm sweaters, hot sweatshirts, really functional thermal underwear, or warm ups.

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  • Sweaters
    Elegant and warm sweaters with Norwegian pattern for women and girls. We recommend Sweaters with a Windcutter lining that will not blow out.
  • Womens functional underwear
    Womens functional...
    Is a networked thermal underwear a Norwegian invention that keeps you dry and warm? You will appreciate the great fitting edges and the very addictive heat that you will experience only in the Brynje thermo.
  • Accessories
    Warm hats or Angora wool gloves. Woolen scarves and necklaces.
  • Mid layer jackets
    Mid layer jackets
    Sweet Olivia sweatshirts or merino wool functional sweatshirts. Just choose ...
  • Jackets
    Reliable weather protection. We have functional jackets with a layer of wind and rain. Jackets and vests will fulfill your incipient both editing and features.

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  • BRYNJE Classic Wool Liners Gloves
    Black thin gloves made of the finest merino wool. They have high resistance and moisture removal. We recommend it as a basic layer for finger warming. The gloves do not restrict and maintain the sensitivity of the fingers. For extreme conditions,...
    750 Kč
    In Stock
  • BRYNJE Arctic neck
    Functional merino wool neckline with mesh lining to maintain correct temperature and moisture removal. Download in top seam. Black and blue color.
    1 090 Kč
    In Stock
  • BRYNJE Arctic Mittens
    Merino wool gloves with mesh lining to maintain the right hand temperature. For perfect operation in extreme conditions, we recommend combining with the Polar Fleece glove sleeve.
    990 Kč
    In Stock

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