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Travel Guides
Study the advice and tips of those who have already traveled the Nordic country. A smart guide is good to have at hand.

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  • Norway - South - Tourist guide Rother
    The new edition of the popular South Norwegian guide, recommended tips, contains a small travel atlas. Booklet, 176 pp., 11.5 x 16.5 cm
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  • Doteky severu (Touch of North) - Petra Doležalová
    Petra Doležalová's beautiful photo book from the trips to western and northern Norway (Finnmark area), but also to Iceland. It also serves as a travel journal. Second Extended Edition. The texts are in Czech and English.
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  • Experienced Guide to Lofoten 1:250 000, Opplevelsesguide
    Map with tips for Lofoten in one on a scale of 1: 250,000. The folded map contains tips on interesting places on Lofotech with information and contacts. The area from Bodo via Salten, Rognan and Fauske, Ofoten with Narvik, Vesteralen - Andoya and...
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