Lonely Planet - Finland 2 - guide

Lonely Planet's guide to Finland. 320 pages. The latest edition from the end of 2018. Including clear maps and a practical chapter on transport, color photos of the most interesting places.
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"Summers of endless sunshine balance the frigid yet magical winters in this beautiful country in the far north of Europe." Andy Symington, Lonely Planet author The Lonely Planet guide includes: – 2 enthusiastic authors – 3 months of research – 187,888 lakes – 1 sighting of Santa Claus – inspirational photos – clear maps – understandable practical information – chapter on outdoor activities – versatile materials for trip planning – thorough familiarization with the realities of Finland Our promise You can trust our travel information because Lonely Planet writers visit the places they write about in each new edition. We don't accept kickbacks or gifts for positive reviews, and you can trust us to be objective. Release year: 2018 Special binding, paperback, 128x197 mm, 368 pages.
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