Nordic gifts
Nordic gifts
Do you still have a souvenir from Norway? Does not matter! With us you can quickly fix it. Trolls, losers, reindeer, tuxedos, stickers, etc. Even with us you will buy reindeer and elk fur.

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  • Hoodies
    You do not have to carry a great souvenir from far. Get it with us. Sweatshirts with Nordic themes are waiting for you!
  • T-shirts
    You do not have to carry a great souvenir from far. Get it with us. T-shirts with Nordic themes are waiting for you!
  • Shorts
    Make your surroundings an original gift. Boxing with lots ... :-)
  • Cap
    Hat with motifs of the Norwegian flag. Every lover of Norway should have it at home.
  • Fur and Hide
    Fur and Hide
    Ideal decoration in front of the fireplace, on the wall, in front of the bed or bench. It fits into a family house, a cottage and a cottage. Each piece is original.
  • Books
    Nordic-themed books, as well as guides, tutors and photographic books, are awaiting consideration.
  • Stickers
    Clue of every traveler? Sticker of the Los or Norwegian flag on the car. You do not, we love to serve!
  • Flags
    From the sticker, over the table stands with the flags to the flags and the big flags.
  • DVD
    Find the right places for your next vacation. DVD from Nordic countries inspires and delights.
  • For kids
    For kids
    Nordic gifts for the smallest, these are mainly tuxedos, trolls, badges, magnets, stickers, etc ...
  • Plush toys
    Plush toys

    Plush toys for the smallest of the Nordic animal kingdom. Lobsters, polar bear, husky, seagull, papuchalk and others in several sizes. The keys and the chair. :-)

Best selling products in category

  • Elastic hat with moose
    Elastic hat with silhouettes of moose. Color black, white, blue and pink. Material: 65% polyester, 35% cotton. One size, unisex.
    299 Kč
    In Stock
  • Plush moose in sweater
    Big plush souvenir from Norway. 26 cm high with a hooded sweater, Norwegian flag, self-sufficient.
    249 Kč
    In Stock
  • Sweater Troll with flag - Mini Geir
    Original figurine of the Norwegian elf from the Lommedas-troll collection. Troll Mini Geir in sweater with Norwegian flag. Height 6 cm, width 3 cm. Like the right troll has 4 fingers, a long nose and a small tail. Troll brings happiness to his...
    129 Kč
    In Stock

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Nordic gifts

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