Nordic gifts
Nordic gifts
Don't have a souvenir from Norway yet? Does not matter! With us, you can fix everything quickly. Trolls, moose, reindeer, stuffed animals, stickers, etc. You can even buy reindeer and moose fur from us.

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  • Hoodies
    You don't have to drive a great souvenir from afar. Get it from us. Sweatshirts with Nordic motifs are waiting for you!
  • T-shirts
    You don't have to drive a great souvenir from afar. Get it from us. Nordic t-shirts are waiting for you!
  • Cap
    Hat with motifs of the Norwegian flag. Every lover of Norway should have it at home.
  • Baseball caps
    Baseball caps
    Cap with visor. An ideal souvenir from Norway.
  • Fur and Hide
    Fur and Hide
    Ideal decoration in front of the fireplace, on the wall, in front of the bed or bench. Suitable for a family house, cottage and cottage. Each piece is original.
  • Books
    Nordic books, as well as guides, mentors and photo books, are waiting to be studied.
  • Stickers
    The license plate of every traveler? Sticker of moose or Norwegian flag on a car. You don't, we'll be happy to serve!
  • Flags
    From stickers, through table stands with flags, to flags and large flags.
  • DVD
    Choose the right places for your next vacation. The DVD from the Nordic countries inspires and delights.
  • For kids
    For kids
    Nordic gifts for the little ones, they are mainly stuffed animals, trolls, badges, magnets, stickers, etc ...
  • Plush toys
    Plush toys
    Plush toys for the little ones from the Nordic animal kingdom. Elk, polar bear, husky, seagull, puffin and more in several sizes. On the keys and in the chair. :-)
  • Magnets
    Real souvenirs from Norway on a magnet to preserve memories. :-)
  • Mugs and glasses
    Mugs and glasses
    Porcelain mugs and shot glasses with Norwegian motifs.
  • Keyrings and bracelets
    Keyrings and bracelets
    Real souvenirs from Norway to preserve memories. :-)
  • For kitchen
    For kitchen
    Kitchen utensils in Norwegian style. Cheese slicer, cake scoop and more in stainless steel design.
  • Trolls
    4 fingers, long nose and small tail. A troll brings good luck to his owner if he takes good care of him.

Best selling products in category

  • Elastic hat with moose
    Elastic hat with silhouettes of moose. Color black, white, blue and pink. Material: 65% polyester, 35% cotton. One size, unisex.
    247 Kč
    In Stock
  • Elastic headband with moose
    Elastic headband with silhouettes of elk. Color white, black, blue and pink. Material: 65% polyester, 35% cotton. One size, unisex.
    206 Kč
    Není skladem
  • Sweater Troll with flag - Mini Geir
    Original figurine of the Norwegian elf from the Lommedas-troll collection. Troll Mini Geir in sweater with Norwegian flag. Height 6 cm, width 3 cm. Like the right troll has 4 fingers, a long nose and a small tail. Troll brings happiness to his...
    107 Kč
    Není skladem

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Nordic gifts

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