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To avoid falling into the swamp and ending up in one of the thousands of lakes, try the clear maps of Finland. Traveling around Suomi will be more enjoyable and peaceful for you.



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Map of Scandinavia 1: 2 mil.

Folding map of the whole of Scandinavia in a scale of 1: 2,000,000. Register of places and transit map of capitals. In addition to Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, it also covers the Baltics, part of Germany, Poland and Russia.
Kč 271

Scandinavia - wall map

Scandinavian wall map in scale 1: 2,000,000. Site index and main city transit planes, wall mount rails. This is the original map of Scandinavia that was not folded for production and remained rolled up and fitted with rails. The map is wrapped in a plastic tube.
Kč 298

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