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History of Scandinavia - Ivo T. Budil

History of Scandinavia as a specific part of the European continent from the end of the last ice age to the beginning of the 21st century. Designed for anyone interested in the history and cultural, political, social and economic life of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.
Kč 599

Dánština - konverzace

Unique Czech-Danish conversation with dictionary and grammar. 320 pages, 2,600 sentences and phrases, 1,600 words and themes, 6,000 dictionary passwords, pronunciation transcripts, recommendations, and notifications of useful attachments. Format A6.
Kč 229

Dánština na CD-ROM - dánsky XXL sada

NEW VERSION! Learn Danish much faster than usual teaching methods. The XXL version includes a beginner's course, an advanced course, Danish-Expreskurz and a Czech-Danish / Danish-Czech digital dictionary.
Kč 999
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