For kids
For kids
Nordic gifts for the little ones are mainly stuffed animals, trolls, badges, magnets, stickers, etc

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  • Sweater Troll with flag - Mini Geir
    Original figurine of the Norwegian elf from the Lommedas-troll collection. Troll Mini Geir in sweater with Norwegian flag. Height 6 cm, width 3 cm. Like the right troll has 4 fingers, a long nose and a small tail. Troll brings happiness to his...
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  • Plush moose in sweater with key ring
    a little keypunk - a souvenir from Norway. 12 cm tall with sweater with hood, Norwegian flag
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  • Plush moose in sweater
    Big plush souvenir from Norway. 26 cm high with a hooded sweater, Norwegian flag, self-sufficient.
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