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  • knitted hat NORWAY with flag
    Knitted hat with Norwegian flag and NORWAY sign. 100% acrylic. One size, 58 cm.
    399 Kč
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  • Vlaječka Švédska do ruky
    Swedish flag in hand. Flake on a wooden stick with a tip. Dimension 45 × 30 cm. Material: Polyester.
    159 Kč
    zašleme do 24 hodin
  • Sweater Troll with flag - Mini Geir
    Original figurine of the Norwegian elf from the Lommedas-troll collection. Troll Mini Geir in sweater with Norwegian flag. Height 6 cm, width 3 cm. Like the right troll has 4 fingers, a long nose and a small tail. Troll brings happiness to his...
    129 Kč
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