Švédština na CD-ROM - švédsky kompletní sada


NEW VERSION! Learn Swedish much faster than usual teaching methods. The complete set includes a beginner's course, an advanced course, a Swedish-Expreskurz and a Czech-Swedish / Swedish-Czech digital dictionary, and more.

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The full set of DVD-ROMs includes:

  • Swedish-Kurz for beginners
  • Swedish-Advanced Course
  • Swedish-Expreskurz
  • Digital dictionary Czech-Swedish / Swedish-Czech

Learn Swedish at an incredible speed without forgetting!

* 42 dialogues with realistic situations from everyday life to reading, listening and lots of exercises.

* Extensive basic vocabulary with more than 1,300 words.

* Multimedia learning fun with varied learning and testing methods.

* Printable version of learning cards

* Build your teaching material individually.

* For Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

* Including a mobile version for your handheld or smartphone.

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