Vrikke HOVDEN men's vest, 100% merino wool


Ideal combination with shirt or trick. The HOVDEN 100% merino wool from Vrikke will accompany you on business meetings or rest. A popular Norwegian pattern on the chest and back. He always heats up and he certainly does not "try"!

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Gentle vest made of 100% merino wool

Norwegian pattern and clean design. This is the right model for you who appreciate the quality and looking for a nice Merino wool outfit!

Based on Norwegian quality and tradition

The Vrikke brand is based on the old Norwegian tradition of knitting sweaters and using original designs. All wool or merino wool products are made in the best quality of the finest materials. Behind Vrikke there are three ladies from southern Norway who have brought together coincidence and similar interests, even though they worked each other in a different field. Their fate was "mistaken" together under the headline of A Knit Story, which also took over the Vrikke brand.

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