Sweaters with beautiful and traditional Norwegian patterns. But you can also find Icelandic motifs. Just Nordic classic ...

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  • ICEwear GUNNAR, 100% wool, windcutter
    Sweater with Norwegian pattern of 100% wool, 3 layers, functional layer Windcutter. Celorozepínací + 2 zip pockets. The sweater does not inflate and is moisture resistant, very warm. It is used instead of a jacket.
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  • NORwear BERGEN red, 100% wool, windcutter
    Genuine Norwegian pattern, Bergen 100% wool with windcutter lining. Tightening collar around the neck. Reinforced elbows. Download below. Red colour.
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  • Norlender NARVIK unisex sweater, blue, 100% wool
    This year's hit! Norlender Norwegian true Norwegian wool with a long family tradition. Sweater NARVIK is a single-layer sweater knitted from 100% Norwegian wool in light blue. Comfort of the neck is provided by the fleece lining. Download at the...
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