Icelandic sweater Icewear Íslendingur white, 100% wool

Real Icelandic wool sweater from Icewear made in Iceland! Íslendingur sweater is a traditional warm wool sweater, densely knitted from 100% Icelandic wool in white with dark blue patterns.
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Traditional fishing sweater Íslendingur sweater is a traditional model of a single-layer sweater hand-knitted from 100% coarser Icelandic wool. Fishermen have been using it since time immemorial for its warmth. In addition to waiting for fish, it will warm you up during other activities, on hikes, at the cottage, and on skis. We recommend a thicker shirt or shirt under the sweater! Sweaters and clothes Icewear Already in our beginnings in 1972, we were inspired by nature and created the first collection of sweaters and clothes made of Icelandic wool. The dynamic development took us from Iceland to Norway, where we worked with local designers and laid the foundation for a modern collection in the Nordic style, continuing the rich tradition of Norwegian designs. Today, we produce functional clothing for sports and tourism from the latest materials, colors and cuts, meeting the harsh and changing conditions at competitive prices on the Czech market.
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