Sprint Super
Sprint Super
Even for the summer, Bryn has his gun. Ultra-light T-shirt so that it quickly removes moisture and excess heat, so you feel comfortable even in hot summer. Suitable for both quieter activities and more movement.

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  • BRYNJE Sprint Light T-Shirt
    Very lightweight short sleeve T-shirt and Brynje of Norway logo (black without logo). It is made of knit polyester and suitable for sports of all kinds. It drains moisture very well and it quickly dries out. For even better performance, a...
    818 Kč
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  • BRYNJE Sprint Super Light Boxer Shorts
    Black Boxers. Excellent underwear for active athletes who appreciate elastic and well-fitting underwear capable of quickly removing moisture from the body. It's drying very quickly.
    620 Kč
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  • BRYNJE Sprint Seamless Super hat
    Black hat ideal for athletes who need a helmet. It is elastic and also ready for high moisture removal from active athletes. You will appreciate it both in winter and in summer.
    488 Kč
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