Functional thermal underwear for professionals that meet strict safety standards according to EN ISO 15025. The non-combustible material is a combination of merino wool and Viscose Lenzing FR EN ISO 11612.

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  • BRYNJE Arctic Double Zip-polo 3/4 neck, olive
    Genius link mesh as a base layer and Merino t-shirt. The two-layer functional roller will give you a feeling of warmth and dryness in any activity or rest. No more frosting, no layering of any other clothes. True thermal underwear with a...
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  • BRYNJE Flame retardant Wool Thermo Shirt w/inlay, navy
    Flameless, long sleeve T-shirt woven from the finest merino wool and flame retardant Viscose Lenzing Flamestop component, conforming to ISO 11612. It is made of genuine mesh with large gaps. It has great insulating properties and is drying very...
    1 645 Kč
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