Praktisk Norsk


The new edition of Praktisk norsk 1 will mainly be used by those of you who are preparing for the written and spoken exam Norskprøve 1 and 2. Paperback, 152 pages, new edition from the end of 2013.

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The new edition of Praktisk norsk 1 will mainly use those who are preparing for a written and spoken Norskprè 1 and 2 exam.

In the textbook you will find both the basic skills exercises and the practical situations where you will most often use your Norwegian. Praktisk norsk 1 includes authentic texts as a complement, various topics for interviews, and common situations for Norse (family, work, transport, food, counting and digits, etc.).

A listening exercise is available for each exercise and is available free of charge on the web pages available for the book in the new version of Pd November 2013. You will find a number of other exercises to improve Norse.

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