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Reprint of the Earth World magazine on Iceland. Updated information. Format A5, paperback, glossy paper, beautiful photographs.

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The Earth World of Iceland magazine includes:
  • A cruelly insulated island in the middle of the North Atlantic
  • Ice Kingdom
  • The northernmost capital of the world
  • Iceland and the European Union
  • North Orchids
  • Myths, legends and Icelandic sagas
  • Bridal decoration
  • Icelandic horses
  • Hunting big cetaceans
  • Energy from the Earth
  • Rainbow Mountains
  • Icelanders - what they are
  • The hot spot of the Atlantic
  • National parks
  • Cod on auction
  • Wealth from the ocean
  • Eldorado of the Sea Flyers
  • Western fjords
  • Basic data
  • Mosaic of attractions

BOARD in 2014, updated information!

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