Vest BRYNJE Arctic Double, black


Brilliant interconnection of mesh as a base layer and stronger merino. Dual-layer functional vest gives you a feeling of warmth and dryness during any activity and while relaxing. Real thermo underwear with thermostat! Winner of Norwegian thermal underwear tests. 2 side pockets, black color.

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Mesh with thermostat

Original two-layer thermal underwear, which has won many awards and tests since 1997. It has no competition in moisture drainage and insulation properties. SuperThermo mesh is 100% polyamide, the top layer combines merino wool enhanced polyamide. The combination of these two materials reinforces each other's properties. It has thermostat capabilities. When you are calm, it insulates you from the cold weather nicely warm. When you start to move, it automatically wicks moisture away from the body. Fits into heavy frosts, ideally combined with Polar Fleece vest, Antarctic clothing. The ideal partner for you, who is always cold. The Arctic double will keep you warm and the functional Super Thermo mesh will also take care of dryness on the body. Only Brynje Arctic double can combine perfect insulating capabilities with very fast moisture removal. Arctic Double has a large selection of different models for any purpose. He enjoyed the Norwegian police, firefighters and army. Combination with the Polar Bug vest, which is windproof, or the warmest Antarctic jacket.

Brynje of Norway

Brynje is a top underwear that works in any weather. The family business was founded in 1887 in Larvik, Norway. In the 1950s, they developed the first clothes with mesh construction, tested by Norwegian soldiers in the Hardangervidda Plateau. Brynje was the first thermal underwear on Mt.Everest, protecting Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in 1953. Brynje thermal underwear is still used by expedition members, rescue forces, as well as athletes and tourists.

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