BRYNJE Super Micro C-Shirt


Summer mesh with wide shoulders, ideal base layer. T-shirt made of genuine mesh with small gaps is made of polypropylene, which has excellent insulating properties and drying very quickly. For great activity in warm weather.

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Mesh with thermostat

Fine mesh with smaller meshes is ideal for active athletes even at high temperatures. It has a pleasant cooling effect and effectively removes moisture from the body. Light material made of 100% polypropylene with small mesh, giving the skin the chance to breathe in very hot weather even with high activity. Even if you play volleyball on an arid course, or if you ride a bicycle and the road gets hot before you, you can hardly feel the soft SUPER MICRO mesh on your body. It's ideal to combine in the heat with a range of lightweight Sprint Super Light clothing. For cooler weather, combinations with Classic Wool or Polar Bug are appropriate.

Brynje of Norway

Brynje is top quality underwear that works in any weather. The family business was founded in 1887 in Larvik, Norway. In the 1950s they developed the first net-fitting garment tested by Norwegian soldiers in the Hardangervidd plateau. Brynje was the first thermal underwear on Mt.Everest, and was already protected by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in 1953. The Brynje thermal wear is still used by expedition members, rescue teams, as well as athletes and tourists.

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