Womens functional jackets
Womens functional jackets
Bet on merino wool! Our jackets are made of high quality and fine merino wool for your comfort. You will love the Classic Wool, Arctic Double or Antarctic single and multi-layer jackets.

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  • BRYNJE Lady Classic Wool Hooded Sweater
    Ladies sweatshirt in pink and new aqua color, with collar, zip and good fitting hood. The long sleeve has an opening for your thumb. The sweatshirt is made of the finest merino wool, which has high resistance and excellent moisture removal. Use...
    2 273 Kč
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  • BRYNJE Polar Fleece Vest
    A super-fitting vest made of a very light microfleece with air insulation and wind protection. It is developed for expeditions and has high insulating properties due to the mesh inside. The front part will not blow through the windstopper. The...
    3 215 Kč
    In Stock
  • BRYNJE Polar Fleece Skipulli
    A bright red sweatshirt from a very light microfleece. Inside is the original Super Thermo mesh. The sweatshirt has a 3/4 collar with a zipper, pulling down and long sleeves ending with an inch hole. Lightweight double-layer sweatshirt with great...
    2 967 Kč
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