Is a networked thermal underwear a Norwegian invention that keeps you dry and warm? You will appreciate the great fitting edges and the very addictive heat that you will experience only in the Brynje thermo.

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  • Merino mesh
    Merino mesh
    Women's merino wool mesh for maximum thermal comfort without odor. For medium and low or no intensive activities where moisture needs to be removed from the body while keeping the body warm. Ideal for tourists, runners, trainers, fishermen, hunters, etc.
  • Synthetic mesh
    Synthetic mesh
    Fast-drying polypropylene mesh is produced in unisex sizes, but ladies can also choose. We recommend for higher activities where fast moisture is needed from the body. Ideal under the bra.
  • Merino Shirts
    Merino Shirts
    Women's merino wool t-shirts are common use and smell-free comfort. For medium and low intensity activities. Ideal for everyday walks, hiking, etc. For sporting purposes, it is good to combine with the base layer of mesh.
  • Double layer
    Double layer
    Basic and middle layer in one piece of clothing for ladies. The combination of mesh and full layer continues to admire new and new customers. Invaluable on slopes, not paying for your trip to the mountains, forest fungi, hunting and fishing. Heats up even in cooler dinners.

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  • BRYNJE Lady Wool Thermo light Shirt
    Women's T-shirt with fine mesh from the best merino wool on the market. It has a well-fitting cut, long sleeves, a rounded neckline and a merino wool filling on the chest. Can combine a unique net with the best merino wool. In pink, black and...
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  • BRYNJE Lady Wool Thermo light T-Shirt
    Women's T-shirt with fine mesh from the best merino wool on the market. It has a well-fitting cut, short sleeves, round neckline and merino wool filling on the chest. In the pink and black colors and in the new aqua color. The result of a...
    1 390 Kč
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  • BRYNJE Lady Wool Thermo Shirt w/inlay
    Ladies t-shirt black / lilac with rounded neck and long sleeves, knitted from the finest merino wool, reinforced with polyamide. On the sleeves and on the back is made of genuine mesh with large gaps. Instantly, it keeps you warm, with moisture...
    1 950 Kč
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