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Unique Norse textbook with detailed key and 2 audio CDs! 408 + 136 pages, A5 format. The Norwegian Basic Textbook is intended for those who want to learn Norwegian (bokmal) mainly by self-study, but they will also be good for jazz. courses.

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Norwegian (not only) self-taught is the first of its kind on the Czech market, and it does not have the same scope or range among Norse textbooks published in the Czech Republic - 408 pages + 136 key pages + 2 CDs .

The guidebook facilitates the study, among other things, translated articles of the first 10 lessons , complete solutions of all exercises, and a glossary covering all the terms used.

In learning a spoken language, the recording that contains the words of the first five lessons will help the vast majority of articles and dialogues, as well as a number of pronunciation exercises and listening exercises to understand.

Textbooks were also created with a view to their possible use in language schools or in private lessons, and here teachers appreciate a large number of lessons in lessons (about 20), from which they can easily choose the ones they need for their pupils. For this reason, exercises of a conversational character , such as the narrative according to the figures, were included in the exercise . In addition to teaching Norwegian, the book aims to introduce users to Norwegian realms; you will learn something about the minority ethnicity of the Sami (Lapons), about the life of playwright Henrik Ibsen, going to the Oslo metropolis, the port city of Bergen and the picturesque Lofoten Islands to find out what the Norwegians can enjoy at Christmas and where Easter lives

Authors: Lucie Mikolášková, Ivana Pinkasová, Klára Winklerová
lecturer: Jarka Vrbová

rok vydání 2018
vazba brožovaná
jazyk česky
počet stran 408
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