Norlender ELINE women's merino sweater, black

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Women's sweater from 100% merino wool with Nordic motifs from Norlender with a long family tradition. You will also use it for social events. Sweater ELINE is a single-layer sweater knitted in black. Comfort of the neck is provided by the fleece lining. Celorozepínací zip.

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Sweater with reindeer of merino wool

Sweater ELINE is a single-ply sweater knitted from 100% merino wool. Comfort of the neck is provided by the fleece lining. Very suitable is the second or upper layer. The sweater can be used both for casual wear and for weekend adventure. It also serves as a social fashion sweater. Zip fastening.

Tradition of family business since 1927

It was the year 1927 when my grandfather founded a small textile factory on the ground floor of his farm in the mountain village of Tveiten on the island of Osteroy in the west of Norway. The company was successful and soon became an important employer for people around. New models were proposed for the factory throughout Norway. In 1947 production moved from the mountains down to the valley to the Osterfjord fjord, where our headquarters are still located. Since woolen underwear we have worked to produce woolen sweaters for children and adults. We have been using Norlender for our products since 1989. Design of Norwegian sweaters and accessories is based on the rich tradition we are proud of in Norway. Also, our changing weather has taught us a lot in clothing production. Therefore, we also use only wool for production. We are committed to a family tradition and we are happy to offer you the latest Norlender models for your comfort and enjoyment.

Astrid Tveiten - owner
material 100% merino wool
Windcutter 0
rozepínání zipped opening
pockets no pockets
hood 0
norwegian pattern 1
cut women