Mid layer jackets
Mid layer jackets
Olivia soft sweatshirts or functional merino wool sweatshirts. Just choose ...

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  • BRYNJE Lady Arctic Double Zip-polo
    Genius mesh netting as a base layer and merino tricks for ladies. The two-layered functional lace-cut turtleneck will make you feel warm and dry in any activity and relaxation. No more frosting, no layering of any other clothes. True thermal...
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  • BRYNJE Lady Classic Wool Hooded Sweater
    Ladies sweatshirt in pink and new aqua color, with collar, zip and good fitting hood. The long sleeve has an opening for your thumb. The sweatshirt is made of the finest merino wool, which has high resistance and excellent moisture removal. Use...
    2 273 Kč
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  • NORwear OLIVIA women's hoodie jacket, lilla
    Women's NORWEAR hoodie made of very soft but warm fleece. Elastic hoodie with lilac hood. 100% polyester.
    921 Kč
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