Mid layer jackets
Mid layer jackets
Sweet Olivia sweatshirts or merino wool functional sweatshirts. Just choose ...

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  • BRYNJE Lady Arctic Double Zip-polo
    Genius mesh netting as a base layer and merino tricks for ladies. The two-layered functional lace-cut turtleneck will make you feel warm and dry in any activity and relaxation. No more frosting, no layering of any other clothes. True thermal...
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  • ICEwear BYLGJA, women's fleece jacket
    Ladies sweatshirt ICEWEAR Bylgja made of very fine fleece with collar. 100% polyester. Very elastic. 2 pockets on the sides. A high fleece will provide your body with the ideal intercoat, so it will keep you warm even at lower temperatures than...
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  • NORwear OLIVIA women's hoodie jacket, red
    Women's NORWEAR hoodie made of very soft but warm fleece. Elastic sweatshirt with hood in red.
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