merino wool sweaters

Svetry z merino vlny

Merino vlna pohlcuje pachy a je velmi jemná k pokožce. Hřeje i vlhká a můžete prát v pračce na vlněný program.

Svetry z merino vlny


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Women's sweater Icewear UNNDÍS, 100% merino wool

The thin women's sweater surprises with the unique softness of merino wool. Thanks to the characteristic properties of wool, the sweater is an ideal functional layer. The design of the Unndís model relies on the Norwegian style known for its distinctive pattern, and this particular sweater has a discreetly placed pattern belt at the top. The pattern is...
Kč 6,199
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size: S (38-40) M (42) L (44-46) XL (48-50)

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