Merino wool sweaters
Merino wool sweaters
Merino wool absorbs odors and is very soft to the skin. Warm and wet and machine washable on woolen program.

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  • Ladies dress Vrikke KITA, 100% merino wool
    Women's 100% merino wool dress from Vrikke of Norway. Elegant dress for every occasion in blue with white patterns and motifs.
    4 131 Kč
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  • Norlender ELINE women's merino sweater, white
    Women's sweater from 100% merino wool with Nordic motifs from Norlender with a long family tradition. You will also use it for social events. Sweater ELINE is a single-layer sweater knit in white. Comfort of the neck is provided by the fleece...
    5 123 Kč
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  • Vrikke THERESIA Ladies sweater with reindeer and hood, 100% merino wool
    Women's sweater with hood 100% merino wool with reindeer motifs and other animals. The elegant THERESIA sweater is single layer, knit in white with black patterns and motifs. In addition to the reindeer, you can also find dogs, cats and birds....
    4 545 Kč
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