1st layer
1st layer
Body layer? Only netting - Norwegian invention! It ensures the right air circulation when moving and keeps the body at rest during the rest phase, keeping the ideal insulation layer around you. Do not cool and stay dry and warm.

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  • BRYNJE Super Thermo T-shirt
    Functional mesh with short sleeves, ideal first layer. T-shirt made of genuine mesh with large gaps is knitted in double polypropylene, which has excellent insulating properties and drying very quickly. In deep frosts and warm weather. In black,...
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  • BRYNJE Super Thermo Shirt w/inlay, navy
    Blue mesh with long sleeves, ideal first layer. The t-shirt has padded shoulders, for example, for walking with a backpack. It is made of polypropylene, it has excellent insulation properties, it drains moisture and is quickly dried. In deep...
    1 116 Kč
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  • BRYNJE Wool Thermo Shirt w/inlay
    Black long sleeve t-shirt woven from the finest merino wool, reinforced with polyamide. It is made of genuine mesh with large gaps. It has great insulating properties and is drying very quickly. Instantly, it keeps you warm, with moisture away...
    1 562 Kč
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