Delight your children with a great wool sweater, warm hat, gloves or a perfectly functional thermal underwear.

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  • Sweaters
    Classic wool sweaters for kids
  • Underwear
    Brynje is a top underwear that works in any weather. Brynje thermal underwear is still used by expedition members, rescue services, as well as athletes and tourists. Ideal for children that keeps them dry and warm at all times!
  • Hats, Gloves
    Hats, Gloves
    Woolen baby hat with Norwegian pattern. Beautiful and functional, always with lining.
  • Baby accessories
    Baby accessories

    Gloves, scarves, but also baby booties with a motif of moose and plush elk from the smallest to the largest.

  • Baby T-shirt and body
    Baby T-shirt and body
    T-shirts and points for the youngest boys and girls.
  • Jackets
    Waterproof jackets and reliable winter overalls.
  • Kids pants
    Kids pants
    Functional pants for the youngest boys and girls.

Best selling products in category

  • BRYNJE Arctic Kids Shirt/Longs
    Genius link mesh as a base layer and Merino t-shirt. The two-layer functional t-shirt and trousers will make your baby feel warm and dry in any activity and relaxation. True thermal underwear with a thermostat! Winner of the Norwegian parental...
    2 384 Kč
    In Stock
  • Baby booties with a moose head, size 6-18 months
    Children's booties with lace and antler head, white color with blue stitching and knit sock in red-blue-white color. Size 22-26. Leatherette sole. Original souvenir from Norway.
    189 Kč
    In Stock
  • Kids hat Norlender FANAFJELLET, 100% wool
    Children's hat from the true Norwegian wool. Beautiful accessory for FANAFJELLET children's wool sweater. The cap has a fleece lining so it's soft and gentle to the baby's head!
    495 Kč
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