Find tips and tricks for those who have already traveled the Nordic country. A clever guide is good to have at hand.

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  • Norsko - jih - Turistický průvodce Rother
    The new edition of the popular South Norwegian guide, recommended tips, contains a small travel atlas. Booklet, 176 pp., 11.5 x 16.5 cm
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  • Doteky severu - Petra Doležalová
    Petra Doležalová's beautiful photo book from the trips to western and northern Norway (Finnmark area), but also to Iceland. It also serves as a travel journal. Second Extended Edition. The texts are in Czech and English.
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  • Norsko - inspirace na cesty
    Above the deep, mysterious fjords, they climb to the majestic mountain massif, the harsh winters alternate the summers, and the long polar nights change in the charming midnight sun in the summer months. Norwegian society has no problem with the...
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