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You will find a textbook Norwegian (not only) for self-taught and Norwegian-Czech and Czech-Norwegian practical vocabulary. The textbook is the first of its kind on the Czech market, and it does not have the equivalent of 408 pages + 136 pages of key + 2 CDs among Norwegian textbooks published in the Czech Republic. In addition to vocabulary and phraseology, the extensive vocabulary also includes colloquial vocabulary and basic terminology from a number of fields in which recent changes have taken place (trade, economics, finance, law, computer technology, etc.). The core vocabulary of the dictionary pronunciations, a brief overview of the Norwegian grammar, and for Norwegian users the basic lessons of Czech nouns and verbs processed into the tabular tables.

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Unique Norse textbook with detailed key and 2 audio CDs! 408 + 136 pages, A5 format. The Norwegian Basic Textbook is intended for those who want to learn Norwegian (bokmal) mainly by self-study, but they will also be good for jazz. courses.

Data sheet

rok vydání 2018
vazba brožovaná
jazyk česky
počet stran 408
autor kolektiv autorek
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Norwegian-Czech and Czech-Norwegian dictionary, A6 format, 832 pages, binding, contains over 43,000 passwords

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rok vydání 2014
vazba brožovaná
jazyk česky, norsky
počet stran 832
Multimédia 0