ladies scarves
ladies scarves
Fine wool shawls are a beautiful addition to women.

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  • Knitted scarf with moose, white
    Knitted scarf with moose and fringes. 20cm wide and 195cm long + fringes about 15cm at both ends. White color. Material: 100% acrylic
    449 Kč
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  • BRYNJE Arctic neck
    Functional merino wool neckline with mesh lining to maintain correct temperature and moisture removal. Download in top seam. Black and blue color.
    1 090 Kč
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  • Scarf Norlender with Nordic motives, 100% wool, black
    Knitted scarf in black, Norwegian pattern. Material: 100% genuine Norwegian wool. It is very hot. Width 20cm, length 160 cm.
    899 Kč
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