What is BRYNJE and how it works?

What is BRYNJE and how it works?

Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay used the Norwegian thermal string underwear when they were on Mt.Everest expedition in 1953. Since then, string clothing has become a mandatory expedition equipment for both poles, Greenland or the Himalayas. BRYNJE uses Norwegian rescue units, and the Norwegian army is a major buyer.

Adventurers and athletes will find in our collection the right piece of clothing to keep them dry and warm. No more compromises, our underwear really works!

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• The mesh works as your personal thermostat.

• The mesh perfectly removes moisture from the body.

• The mesh does not absorb moisture.

• The mesh is quickly dried.

• Mesh has few contact points to skin.

• The mesh isolates you while you're on the move and takes the heat out during activity.

• Developed in the Norwegian Army according to the Viking tradition (BRYNJE = circle shirt, armor).

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How to choose your BRYNJE?

Before choosing your original Norwegian teapot, you just have to answer two questions. Under what temperature conditions will I need clothes? How much does the thermal load need to handle? The table will help you choose the right product line. Product series BRYNJE of Norway

How to dress properly?
In order to properly regulate the temperature during different activities, you need to dress in several layers of clothing. Only in this way will you always stay dry and warm. The number of layers depends on the type of movement, the weather and your personal feeling. Typically, three layers of clothing are used - basic, middle and top. Each layer has its own specific function.

The inner layer transfers moisture away from the body.

The middle layer isolates and keeps you warm.

The top layer prevents wind and rain.

1. Inner layer

it must be in contact with your body (skin). This layer is best suited for material that perfectly drains moisture away from your body and adapts well to your body. A great example is the Super Thermo, Wool Thermo and Classic Wool series, ie polypropylene or merino wool. At a higher load, it is advisable to select a weaker first layer, on the contrary a stronger base layer will be useful for moderate movement in larger chillers. For sports activities we do not recommend cotton because it quickly takes up moisture and can then cool you quickly. Cotton is only suitable for effortless movement.

2. Middle layer

it may be somewhat looser than the first layer but again with good contact with your body. Only the first and second layers will work together. The middle layer has the task of isolating you from the cold and well transferring the moisture to the top layer. Fleece, wool or polypropylene and polyester are the right materials for this layer. The advantage of this part of the outfit can be various options of regulation - long zippers, high collar, long sleeves with perforation, etc. We recommend our Classic Wool, Arctic, Polar fleece, Antarctic series.

3. Top layer

it protects you from weather (wind and rain), but at the same time it must well drain the moisture away from the inner layers, so it must "breathe" well. Soft shell, stronger merino wool or similar materials are suitable for this layer. We also recommend selecting other functional elements of the top layer - venting in the armpits, pulling hood, long zippers. The choice also depends on the type of movement and activity. Polar fleece, Antarctic.

Applying layers to the layers will regulate the temperature correctly. Layers can then be undressed and dressed as needed. Remember that clothing can quickly lose its features if you do not take care of it well and follow the maintenance instructions. Choosing the right clothes will make your trip, training or race more enjoyable. And it must keep you dry and warm.


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