Hats, Gloves
Hats, Gloves
Woolen baby hat with Norwegian pattern. Beautiful and functional, always with lining.

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  • Elastic hat with Norwegian flag
    Elastic hat with Norwegian flag. Red color. Material: 65% polyester, 35% cotton. One size, rather smaller, can also sit on a child's head.
    247 Kč
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  • Baby knitted hat with moose
    Baby hat with towel and lot with glittering antlers. Gray and red. Material: 100% acrylic. Suitable accessory for children's sweatshirt with lot.
    288 Kč
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  • Kids hat Norlender FANAFJELLET, 100% wool
    Children's hat from the true Norwegian wool. Beautiful accessory for FANAFJELLET children's wool sweater. The cap has a fleece lining so it's soft and gentle to the baby's head!
    495 Kč
    zašleme do 24 hodin

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