The warmest line of Brynje clothes. Jackets with 100% wind protection and added mesh underneath for the next layer of air insulation. The Antarctic jackets have already experienced several polar expeditions and resist harsh conditions at the Norwegian seabed.

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  • BRYNJE Antarctic jacket w/hood, windproof w/protection
    The warmest jacket in black and in the highest gear. It is windproof all around the perimeter, equipped with a strong layer of merino wool and original mesh inside. In addition, it has extra thick protective panels on the shoulders and elbows and...
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  • BRYNJE Antarctic Jacket w/hood, windproof
    The warmest Brynje jacket is windproof, with a thick layer of merino wool, genuine mesh underneath and pull-out hood. It is full zipper, has two pockets on the chest, two on the sides, all with zipper. Walk for the thumb at the end of the sleeves....
    8 290 Kč
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