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Few places on Earth can be compared to the rough and impressive beauty of Iceland. The Lingea Publishing Guide provides information on the most interesting places you should not miss

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Island Island - both fiery and icy, threatening and appealing - is a place of dramatic contrasts and the home of glaciers, bubbling marsh volcanoes, colossal waterfalls and hot geysers. Although Iceland has a long and rich cultural history, it is especially its landscape, modeled by the forces of nature in unique, ever-changing terrain formations that "tell" the story of this remarkable country. Iceland is a paradise for anyone who likes nature that occasionally evokes the moonland and constantly reminds its power and strength of tectonic activity. Despite the rugged landscape, Iceland is a very friendly country. The Icelanders are a bit scared and shy, but they are very proud of their country. Once you have managed to break through their traditional reserve, you will find it among the most hospitable nations in Europe. Issue: 1, 2014 | Pages: 144 | Format: 144 × 105 mm | ISBN: 9788087819920 Binding: sewn, glossy lamino cover

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