Toko Eco Wool Wash 250ml


Environmentally friendly special detergent. Designed for wool and merino clothing. Contains special balsam for individual fibers, protects against filleting and keeps the fabric soft and smooth. Effective even when washing at low temperatures. It does not contain dyes, optical brighteners and phosphates. Concentrate up to 8 washes

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  • Gently cleanses the wool and other very sensitive materials
  • Perfect for high-quality sportswear made from merino wool
  • Special balls for individual fibers
  • Protects against felting and keeps the fabric soft and smooth
  • It does not contain dyes, optical brighteners and phosphates
  • Effective even when washing at low temperatures
  • Concentrate up to 8 washes

Environmentally friendly. BLUESIGN APPROVED The independent bluesign® standard is a response to the growing demand for environmentally-friendly textile products that do not pose any health risk and save the means to produce as much as possible. bluesign® - determines the maximum amount of sewage, exhaust air and energy costs throughout the production process. It also checks thresholds, prevents the use of prohibited and restricted substances to ensure maximum environmental friendliness of the production process. bluesign® - featuring top quality and high added value. bluesign® - is an independent and internationally recognized quality label. Companies and products that meet these standards deserve your confidence. bluesign® - is an acronym for an environmentally friendly product that is environmentally conscious and conscientiously uses natural resources.

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