Women's pants BRYNJE Explore Ventile Pants 2.0

Robust and versatile women's outdoor trousers suitable for year-round use in the mountains and backcountry. The trousers offer excellent protection in demanding conditions and rugged terrain. Built to last, they retain their performance over time and age gracefully into a classic, weathered look.
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Explore Ventile Pant 2.0 for women The Explore Ventile Pant is a lightweight and robust hiking and outdoor pant that will last for many years. The trousers provide good protection and can be used all year round in mountains, forests and fields. The ventilation fabric works well in all weathers; it is windproof and will keep you dry for a long time in light rain. In addition to being water-repellent, Ventile also has very good breathability. The fabric dries relatively quickly, is windproof, almost silent and feels nice and soft on the skin. Ventile Pant is well maintained for years and ages in a way that gives you a classic and timeless look. The pants were developed in collaboration with leading guides, resulting in many thoughtful technical details. The trousers are made from densely woven 100% weather-resistant Ventile® organic cotton. In wet weather, the cotton swells and keeps you dry and comfortable for long periods in light rain. In the case of a lot of wet precipitation over a long period of time, it will eventually get soaked through, but in return, the pants wick excess heat away from the body much better than the tight Expedition Hard Shell pants or the full tight rain pants. In the old days, Ventile was used for water hoses for firefighters due to the material's water-repellent properties. It was also used by the Royal Air Force in England (RAF) to improve the lives of soldiers jumping from planes and landing in cold seawater during the Second World War. Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary used Ventile clothing to climb Mount Everest in 1953. The material is still used by the RAF today, as well as on demanding polar expeditions. There is a coarse kevlar fabric with four-way stretch in the back, knees and inner calf. Kevlar is not waterproof and windproof, but it dries quickly and provides better freedom of movement, durability, ventilation and moisture management. On the inside of the Kevlar fabric, a water-repellent windproof fabric with stretch has been added to provide extra protection and freedom of movement. There are large openings along the thighs and calves that ensure good ventilation. You can adjust the width of the leg in the lower part using the buttons and the drawstring. Gaiter loops at the bottom of the legs prevent snow from penetrating. The waist has a robust velcro fastening with thick rubber, belt loops and suspender fastening. Feel free to combine the trousers with the robust Hard shell jackets of the Brynje Expedition series. Super Thermo/Wool Thermo mesh on the inside against the skin and Classic Wool as an intermediate layer on cold days are recommended for optimal moisture transport and insulation. Alternatively, for colder conditions, Arctic underwear with mesh inside. Product features Fit : The trousers are made for men and have a regular fit Material 1: Tightly woven 100% organic raw cotton Ventile single layer fabric. In humid weather, cotton swells and keeps you dry for a long time. The fabric also wicks moisture away from the body, so you'll feel less damp in humid weather - or when you get warm. Material 2: Thick Kevlar fabric with four-way stretch in the buttocks, knees and inner calf area. Kevlar is not water and wind resistant, but contributes to better freedom of movement, durability, ventilation and moisture transport. Material 3: Windproof fabric with stretch on the inside of Kevlar fabric in the back and knees provides extra protection and freedom of movement. Ventilation along the legs: - 40 cm on the outer leg with two-way zip - 20 cm on the outer thigh with zip and mesh lining Fourpockets: Two in the front at the top and one in the front on each thigh Robust velcro fastening at waist with thick elastic Belt buckles Attachment to garters The leg width can be adjusted with buttons and a drawstring The sleeve hem in the lower part of the legs prevents the penetration of snow Soft and comfortable to wear Robust and durable Water repellent

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