The most beautiful motorcycle routes in Europe - guide

The most breathtaking motorcycle routes from all over Europe finally in one book, together with detailed maps and practical information about routes and popular destinations.
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From the biker mecca of Norway to the breathtaking switchbacks of the Dolomites, this book brings together the best motorcycle routes in Europe. One-day and multi-day routes will take you to the most beautiful places between the North Cape and the Mediterranean coast, past fjords and waterfalls, to mountain lakes and viewpoints, through historic towns and picturesque villages. Exact route descriptions, detailed maps, countless photos, tips on accommodation, catering and motorcycle clubs guarantee the most suitable trip planning. The guide includes: - 55 maps - 102 days of exploration - 23 most beautiful fjords - hundreds of money saving tips - inspiring photos - chapter on outdoor activities - illustrative practical information Special paperback, 384 pages, 185x265
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