Map of Norway with animals - puzzle 62 pieces


Educational puzzles for children with a map of Norway and 26 animals living in Norway. A total of 62 pieces, A4 format.

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Map of Norway with animals - puzzle 62 pieces

A4 format with margins

26 animals living in Norway (even with names in Norwegian and English) and a map of Norway

The quality puzzle of the Norwegian brand Larsen is made of solid cardboard. This is so that the children can grip the pieces well, and of course also to prevent them from breaking.
The number of pieces must correspond to the drawing and the age group for which the puzzle is created.
Puzzles must have a solid piece and a board under the pieces so that they can be played better and are easy to assemble.

When children put the puzzle together many times, they recognize the shapes on the pieces and know where they belong on the puzzle. It is therefore important to put together puzzles of pieces of different shapes. Learning to recognize puzzle shapes also makes it easier for children to recognize other shapes, such as letters and words, when they learn to read.

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