Finština - konverzace


Unique Finnish conversation with dictionary and grammar. 320 pages, 2,600 sentences and phrases, 1,600 words and topics, 6,000 dictionary passwords, pronunciation, recommendations, and notifications of useful attachments. Format A6.


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Unique conversations with dictionary and grammar. A clear breakdown into thematic blocks allows for quick orientation in the text, while also facilitating communication in both normal and emergency situations on the road and in communication with foreigners, even complete beginners.

Emphasis is placed on practical active communication, clarity and easy orientation in the text. It contains sixteen thematic sections. All pronunciations and phrases include pronunciation.

Part of this manual is also a glossary and a brief grammar overview.

For important information on countries with tips on visiting interesting places and sights and useful insights and recommendations, see the Practical Information chapter and short notes on each section.

The envelope is accompanied by landmark maps.

320 pages
2 600 sentences and phrases
1,600 words and themes
6,000 entries in the dictionary
Recommendations and warnings
Useful attachments
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