CASUS GRILL - disposable ecological grill


The unique instant Casus grill is completely ecological and capable of being degraded by microorganisms. The grill, after a quick ignition, can easily grill within 5 minutes and retains heat for more than 60 minutes. It decomposes in the garbage by the action of microorganisms. You can burn the grill after use.

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Main advantages of the grill:

  • ready for grilling within 5 minutes
  • grilling time approximately 60 minutes
  • it contains no iron or aluminum, so it decomposes harmlessly in 200 years
  • is economical and environmentally friendly
  • all its materials are natural - charcoal, lava stone, bamboo and thin cardboard
  • all its materials, with the exception of lava stones, are decomposed by the action of microorganisms
  • it leaves no waste
  • gives an even heat that is ideal for toasting
  • reduces CO2 emissions by using only charcoal
  • holds an international patent for barbecue technology
  • in 2017 he won the Danish Design Award

How to use the grill:

Place the grill on a firm, level and non-flammable surface and remove the grill grill made of thin special cardboard and bamboo sticks.

First assemble the bottom of the carton as shown. The 4 brackets must be pulled out fully. Place the grill grill on the bottom of the box and fix it in the holders.

Light the briquettes in all four corners. There is no visible flame.

After about 5 minutes the grill will be ready for use. Once you have put the grill grill in the holders in the cardboard box, the preparation will be over, and you can enjoy the barbecue!

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