Talk Now! Naučte se švédsky - začátečníci (CD-ROM)


Swedish - Tutorial on CD-ROM Language: Czech. Level: Complete Beginner

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Interactive tutorial CD-ROM from Talk Now! (beginners) is a fun and easy way to make rapid progress.

It is ideal for travelers, reactors, business people, students and the general public.

Special sections of the program: Play with voice (allows you to compare pronunciation with a native speaker using the recording function), test your knowledge (various quizzes and results). Clever learning (the program remembers bad answers and focuses on your weak spots), easy control (help is available in more than 80 languages) how many words you know (basic phrases and phrases).

Picture dictionary (you can print your own dictionary whenever you need it).

System requirements: Windows 98/2000 / ME / XP, Apple Macintosh, color monitor, CD / DVD-ROM drive, sound card, microphone.

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