Knitted multifunctional hat / neckerchief, white, 100% wool


Knitted multifunctional collar in white with blue Norwegian pattern Setesdal. Material: 100% wool. You can use it as a collar, headdress or cap. Drawstring at the top. One size.

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3 uses in one

An interesting addition to Norlender sweaters, it combines a collar, headband and cap.

The drawstring at the top turns the collar into a practical beanie. Folding again creates a warm headband. made of 100% merino wool.

Family business tradition since 1927

It was 1927 when my grandfather founded a small textile factory on the ground floor of his farm in the mountain village of Tveiten on Osteroy in the west of Norway. The company did well and soon became an important employer for the neighborhood. New models have been designed for the factory throughout Norway. In 1947, production moved from the mountains down to the valley to the Osterfjord, where our headquarters are still located. From the production of woolen underwear, we have worked our way up to the production of woolen sweaters for children and adults. We use the Norlender name for our products since 1989. The design of Norwegian sweaters and accessories is based on the rich tradition that we are rightly proud of in Norway. Also, our changeable weather has taught us a lot about making clothing. Therefore, we also use wool for production. We are committed to family tradition and are pleased to offer you the latest Norlender models for your comfort and pleasure.

Astrid Tveiten - owner

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