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A tool for correct and prompt conversation in Swedish. You will learn a number of sentences and phrases and learn a lot of phrases that are commonly used in Swedish and cannot even be translated literally. Thus, the speaker combines the advantages of a dictionary and a conversation guide. You will appreciate it while studying the language and on trips to Sweden, whether for business, nature, relaxation or a modern lifestyle. Release: 1, 2016 | Pages: 592 | Format: 165x115 mm ISBN: 978-80-7508-147-6 Binding: glued binding, soft laminated cover
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35,000 entries 5,500 examples, idioms and phrases of meanings 56,500 translations 49 pages of conversational topics suitable for school teaching 49 study notes Carefully selected current vocabulary Grammar overview with examples Two-color printing for better clarity of entries Edition: 1, 2015 | Pages: 736 | Format: 165x115 mm ISBN: 978-80-7508-101-8 Binding: glued binding, soft laminated cover

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