Finsko-český a česko-finský šikovný slovník


New dictionary for beginners and intermediate students. It contains commonly used verbal and colloquial languages. Under the nouns and adjectives we have the forms of the genitive, partitive, and plural of the plural. For nouns in plural, we give the shape of a plural. In the verbs are given the shapes of the 1st person of the uniform number of the present time, 3. the imperfect person and the NUT participant. yada: 1., 2016 | Pages: 720 | Format: 165 × 115 mm | ISBN: 978-80-7508-205-3 Binding: bonded bond, soft lamino cover

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36,000 passwords 5,000 examples, idioms and phrase phrases 59,000 translations 69 pages of conversational circuits suitable for school instruction 70 study notes

Carefully Selected Current Vocabulary Overview of Grammar with Examples of Two-Color Printing for Better Clarity of Issues Issue: 1., 2015 | Pages: 736 | Format: 165 × 115 mm | ISBN: 978-80-7508-101-8 Binding: glued binding, soft laminate

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